Benefit Coverage

Eligibility Requirements for Health Care Coverage

Personal Choice 90 / 10 Coinsurance Plan

Maximize your coverage by accessing care through Independence Administrators extensive network of  hospitals, doctors and specialists. You do not need to enroll with a primary care physician and you never need a referral.

Mental Health & Substance Abuse 90 / 10 Coinsurance Plan

Find solutions to personal problems so that you and your family can lead healthy, active and productive lives.

Coinsurance Out of Pocket (OOP) Maximum Amounts

All Medical & Behavioral Health In-Network services will have a 10% Participant Coinsurance up to an Out of Pocket (OOP) Maximum of $2,000 for an individual and $4,000 for a family for the Plan Year (May through April). Once an individual or family has reached their OOP Max, the Plan will pay 100% for all further In-Network claims for the duration of the Plan Year.

Plan Coinsurance


Participant Coinsurance


Individual OOP Max


Family OOP Max


Doing professionally. Smiling pretty woman is having her teeth examined by dentist in clinic.

Dental & Orthodontia (Braces)

Take advantage of the provided annual family allowance that ensures you and your family get the dental and orthodontia care you need. Dental Implants are covered!!!


The vision benefit offers savings on eye examinations, lenses, frames, contacts and more.

a doctor's prescription

Prescriptions & Pharmacies

Your prescription drug plan offers low co-pays for Generic Medication, home delivery service for maintenance medications, and a specialty pharmacy for some long term health conditions that require special medicines.

Man having chiropractic back adjustment. Osteopathy, Alternative medicine, pain relief concept. Physiotherapy, sport injury rehabilitation

Chiropractic Treatment

Experience the incredible benefits of Chiropractic Care. A drug and surgery-free path to help improve many chronic ailments.

Patient Care Management Program

Young Man Training With Exercise Band Assisted By Female Physiotherapist

Physical Therapy

Extensive Physical Therapy Network that will provide you with excellent first class treatment with $0 Coinsurance Co-payment.

Additional Plan Benefits

Hearing Care

Save on hearing aid examinations, repairs, and devices.

Ambulance Service

The Fund will pay up to $500 per ambulance trip to or from the hospital.

Medical / Surgical Appliance

Save on medical appliance purchases or rentals.

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