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Your prescription drug plan offers low co-pays for Generic Medication, home delivery service for maintenance medications, and a specialty pharmacy for some long term health conditions that require special medicines.

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Prescription & Pharmacy FAQs

What is the Prescription Benefit?

Prescriptions are paid by using your Express Scripts/Medco card.

Do I still have to use Mail Order?

Yes, once you have the same script filled three (3) times for a Maintenance Drug, you must utilize the Mail Order Service with Express Scripts for the duration of your use of the medication.

What’s the difference between a Non-Preferred & Preferred Brand Medication?

Non-Preferred Brand Medications typically offer a generic substitute to safely and effectively treat medical conditions. If you are prescribed a Non-Preferred Brand Medication, you will be responsible for 40% of the total cost of the medication. By asking for generic substitutes wherever possible, you maximize your savings. Only you and your prescribing Physician can determine if a generic substitute is right for you. If you’re unable to take a generic substitute for your Non-Preferred Medication, ask your Prescribing Physician for samples, or manufacturer’s coupons when possible.

Preferred Brand Medications ordinarily do not offer a generic substitute. For Preferred Brand Medications, you will never pay more than $75.00 out-of-pocket for a 30-day supply, or $150.00 for a 90-day supply. Click the following link for the 2014 Express Scripts Preferred Drug List to see if your Medication is considered a Preferred Brand. You may also visit Express Scripts online at for a comprehensive list.

My Prescription ID Card says ‘Medco’ on it. Will I get a new card?

Your current Prescription ID Card has the same ID number as any new, or duplicate ID card. Even though your existing Prescription ID card may still have the ‘Medco’ logo on it, your client information remains unchanged. There is no need for new Prescription ID Cards, just keep using the one you already have.

What are my co-pays for my Prescriptions?

If you utilize Rite Aid as your pharmacy, generic medications have a Zero ($0.00) copay. If the doctor has prescribed you a maintenance medication like High Blood Pressure Medication that you take each month, you can still use Rite Aid for a free generic for the first three fills. After that, the Script should be sent to Express Scripts to be delivered by mail.


At all other pharmacies your prescriptions will have a copay.


What do I do if I lose my Prescription card?

You can call the Fund Office at 215-568-0430 and we will request a new Express Scripts card for you, or call Express Scripts at 1-800-939-2146 or visit their website at

Is there a co-pay for prescriptions?

There is no co-pay for Generic Medications, only when filled at Rite Aid Pharmacies. However, a co-pay will apply to all other prescriptions filled and Express Scripts Mail Order.