Carpenters Savings Plan

How Do I Access My Account?

Welcome to Vested Interest®! The transition period is now complete and PNC Bank, N.A., is serving as the new trustee and record keeper of your Carpenters Savings Plan of Philadelphia and Vicinity.

For your initial login to both the web site and Vested Interest Response Line, your Social Security number without dashes will be the User ID. Your birth date will be the Password for the web site and your PIN for the VRU in the form of MMDD.

For example, if your birthday is July 25, then your Password and PIN will be 0725.

Ongoing Vested Interest Response Line access 1-800-374-4631:
Upon your initial access, your social security number will remain your User ID and you will be prompted to create a new numeric PIN for ongoing access to your account.

PNC Retirement Directions Mobile Application:

You can now access retirement account information, anytime, anywhere!

With the app, you can get on-the-go access, so you can easily track retirement account investing progress no matter where you are. The PNC Retirement Directions Mobile Application will allow you to quickly check retirement account balances and more.

Important FAQs


Where is my account balance invested now? During the Blackout period, your account balance was invested in the replacement funds. Now that the Blackout Period is over, you may reallocate your investments among all of the funds by transferring all or part of your account balance. Remember, if you do not transfer your balance, it will remain invested in the replacement fund options.


How do I make changes to my investment options? You can make changes to your account by calling the Vested Interest Response Line (1-800-374-4631) or logging on to the Retirement Directions Web Site ( To transfer your existing balances, please select Fund-to-Fund Transfers and to make changes to where your future money will be invested choose Fund Election Change.

Who can I contact with questions? Should you have any questions regarding your account, please contact the Vested Interest Response Line to speak with a Customer Service Representative. These representatives are available between the hours of 8:00 A.M. and 10:00 P.M., ET, Monday through Friday.

Your Savings Plan Benefit works like this…

The Savings Plan is a “defined contribution” or an “individual account” plan. In this Plan, your benefits equal:

  • The contributions made to an individual account in your name.
  • Plus, any investment earnings or other amounts credited to the account.
  • Minus expenses, any investment losses, distributions from your account, and other amounts charged to the account including investment expense of the Funding Agent reflected in the daily mutual fund price.

Vesting Requirements for the Savings Plan

The vesting requirement is three (3) years for the Savings Benefit. If you leave Covered Employment before you have attained vesting in your Savings Benefit, you can restore your Credited Service as long as you return to Covered Employment.

You will have a non-forfeitable right to the money in your account after three (3) years of Credited Service, even if you leave before retiring. If you pass away or leave Covered Employment before you are vested, you will not receive any money from your account.

Because you have been given control over the direction of your investments in the Carpenters Savings Plan of Philadelphia & Vicinity, you alone are responsible for your investment performance. Liability for any loss will be based solely on your decision, you will not be able to fault anyone, including the Board of Administration, if your investments lose value. The Carpenters Savings plan is intended to comply with section 414(c) of the Employment Retirement Income Security Act, and title 29 of the code of Federal Regulation